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Raspe intagliate a mano

gennaio 24, 2011

In un thread sul forum Legnofilia, sono saltati fuori molti a produttori e venditori di raspe intagliate a mano.
Generalmente costano troppo per le mie tasche, ma riassumo lo stesso qui i links. Hai visto mai che possano tornare utili a qualcuno?
In a thread on the forum Legnofilia, come out many links to manufacturers and suppliers of hand-cut rasps.
Them are generally too expensive for my pockets, but I summarize the links here the same. Have you ever seen that them could be useful to someone?
Milani Rasps:
Udo Pechar Stainless Steel Rasps:
Workshop Heaven Continental Rasps:
Auriou Rasps:
Gramercy Tools Hand Cut Rasps:
Herdim Precision Rasps:
Schwertfisch Rasps:

Dragon_Hand-cut Rasps:

Una menzione separata va alle raspe Corradi Gold che non sono fatte a mano (anche se costano come quelle fatte a mano), ma chi le usa dice che tagliano velocemente e lasciano una superfice liscia come avviene con le raspe intagliate a mano.
A separate mention goes to the Corradi Gold rasps that are not made by hand (even if them cost as hand made ones), but who uses them says that them cut quickly and leave a smooth surface as with hand cut rasps.
2 commenti
  1. I watched a vid at youtube lie-nielsen channel, I hope to get some of those marvelous rasps some day meanwhile I´saving money hahahaha forget to have a look to my channel too !!!!

  2. Hi Julio,I'm downloading some of your vids and as far as now I've watched the Heilroom Secret Box one.Your english is very good and I entirely understand what you say.The box is also very beautiful: nice twisted dovetails, nice hinges, nice wood, nice secret lock, everything nice.And you have a very nice toolset too. :-)Above all I envy your two side rabet planes.Cheers, Andrea


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